My Spouse is a Recovering Sex Addict; How Do I Help?

Sex and pornography addictions can be catastrophic in the lives of the addict, and the lives of their loved ones. The road to recovery is long and difficult, and spouses and partners may be wondering what they can do to speed their companions along the path. While it’s true that no one can solve the problem for the addict, some courses of action will help assist them, and make their journey easier, facilitating healing for all involved.

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Blurring the Line Between Fantasy & Reality: How Virtual Reality is Making Porn More Dangerous



Like other aspects of the entertainment industry, porn has made the jump to VR. And like other VR experiences, VR porn is more immersive than its two-dimensional counterpart. It allows the viewer to feel like more of an active participant, making the experience feel more real.

When dealing with something like pornography that already blurs the line between fantasy and reality, amplifying that effect can be cause for concern. That was the motivation behind a new study done by Newcastle University, which looked into the effects virtual reality has on pornographic experiences. Their findings were not reassuring.

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“Parental Guidance is Advised”: The Shift Toward an R-Rated Culture

American culture has always been a battle between the wholesome and the obscene. For much of the country’s history, however, it has been easy to segregate the obscene and maintain safe spaces for ourselves and our families. Where once our prime time TV was furnished with shows like The Andy Griffith Show, and our theaters frequented by actors of class like Jimmy Stewart and Gregory Peck, our culture has, over the years, come to accept less family-friendly entertainment.

Our culture has had a steady shift towards accepting increased levels of explicit content in media, and it’s having an impact on how we behave. We need to be aware of the cultural shift if we are going to properly protect ourselves and our loved ones. To that end, we’ve put together a few statistics about how things have changed over the years.

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50 Shades of Grey: How Porn Addiction Can Affect Both Men & Women


Source: Universal Pictures

Pornography addiction has often been labeled a “man’s problem,” with a lot of blame being placed on the media and entertainment industry for producing hyper-sexualized movies, magazine covers, and of course the pornography industry which creates skewed perceptions of intimacy and body image.

While men certainly do suffer from and are susceptible to pornography addictions influenced by the entertainment industry, women are not excluded from its influence. Porn addiction can harm both men and women indiscriminately, although often in different ways.

The 2016 release of 50 Shades of Grey and the upcoming release of its sequel, 50 Shades Darker, in February, 2017, has shed light on the susceptibility of women to pornography addiction not only by the success of the movies, but by the plot that was first printed in book form and entranced readers enough to lead to the production of the movies.

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Porn Blocking Software: How to Choose the Right One for You

computer-1179912_640Keep your family’s devices free from the pollution that is porn. By installing filters on your computer and mobile devices, pornographic websites won’t be able to make an accidental (or intentional) appearance.

Read our overview of the best pornography blockers available and then take the time to install one on each of your personal and family devices. By shielding yourself, your spouse, and your children from unwanted images and videos, you can confidently browse the web on all your favorite devices.

Filters for Family Computers

Not only is blocking porn healthy for people, it’s healthy for your computer as well. It’s very common for adult websites to spread dangerous malware which infects, damages, and disables your computer. Because of this, there are built-in safety features already in your browser. You just need to activate it.

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How to Disclose a Slip Up to Your Partner During Recovery

“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of itcouple-1343952_1280.” – Rick Warren

First you need to know what a slip is. The most successful recovering addicts are those who, in the very beginning of their recovery process, establish their bottom lines. Your bottom line is what defines sobriety for you. In other words, you must draw the line on the behaviors that you will no longer participate in, and thus, all recovering addicts do not share a common bottom line. To help stay in recovery and maintain accountability in your marriage, you should report a slip to your partner face-to-face within 24 hours.

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Important Tools To Heal In Your Porn Addiction Recovery

Breaking porn addiction is not an easy process. Various emotions come up and old habits are hard to let go of. No matter how hard it may seem, it is possible to overcome and heal from your addiction.


As with stopping any addiction, you’ll need to take time and establish new habits. People can get pulled deeper into their addictions due to boredom, anger, loneliness, depression,and other various emotions. The key is to find other ways to deal with your triggers, and develop new routines, or habits, to support you in your healing.

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” — JK Rowling

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11 Important Relationship Tips When Married To A Sex Addict

holding-hands-1149411_1280No one goes into marriage with the idea of hurting the other person; however, sometimes circumstances out of our control arise. Pornography and sexual addiction is a serious issue that hurts everyone involved.

As you begin to deal with your spouse’s addiction, you may find yourself asking, what do I do now?

To help you answer those questions, here are 11 important relationship tips to remember as you move forward in your own healing.
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How to Quit Porn: 6 Important Steps to Breaking Your Addiction

computer-1179912_640Have you ever wondered what causes people to struggle with addiction when others seem less affected? We can’t always know who will be more affected by those addictive substances (drugs, alcohol, porn, etc.), but what we do know is that recovery is possible. Though for many who struggle with addiction, the path of recovery is a lifelong choice each day to abstain from the substance.

Because of that, when it comes to overcoming your porn addiction, having the tools and resources around you is important to your success. If you’re ready to break your porn addiction, the first step in the process is to come out of hiding. Once you admit and acknowledge you have a problem, you can get started in your recovery.

To help get you started on your path to recovery, here are 6 helpful tips to begin your healing:
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